Shit that makes me Happy

"Matthew will be home soon. And everything will be fine.”


What I love about Japan 1 by *SpaceCaptSteve


"lol they’re just a side character they don’t actually matter"

lol gently puts hand on your shoulder and pushes you to the side

Naruto Alphabet Eight Gates



I just looooove this scene so much! Great music ^_^

That moment when we said, “Oh, so Square’s set the dial all the way over on the futuristic urban dystopia side of the spectrum again, moving ever farther away from its high fantasy roots. Sigh. I miss my sword and sorcery mythology quests.” Ahahahaha how wrong we were.

— How many of you had a WTF moment at the heavy metal before realizing, “Waait… I don’t know what Uematsu was smoking when he came up with this music, but it’s AWESOME!”
— How many of you sing along?
— How many of you thought Auron had a broken hand?
— How many of you thought he was the villain summoning a sea monster to destroy the city?
— How many of you forgot the lady in Lara Croft specs who apparently crushed several spectators after being ejected from the pool? Guess it’s a good thing Sin came along to spare Tidus the hassle of several lawsuits.

I still want an iPad game of blitzball that’s truly in 3 dimensions. :(